Student and Nonprofit Connection

To include your organization’s employment, internship, or volunteer opportunities on our 
job and internship listing for students
click here to complete the appropriate form.

You will be asked to include information such as:

1. Closing date (date when you will stop accepting applications or inquiries)
2. Organization website (if applicable, with a specific webpage with more information on internships or volunteer openings)
3. Job title
4. Position type (intern, volunteer, part time, full time, temporary, summer, etc.)
5. Contact phone
6. Contact e-mail
7. Contact person
8. Decription of position (requirements, tasks, hours, etc.)

Help us stay up to date. If your internship/volunteer opportunity is posted on our website and the position is subsequently filled, kindly e-mail so that the position can be removed from our list.

Please also note that opportunities older than six months old are archived. Organizations may renew their internship opportunities for students by resubmitting the internship form.

Have additional questions about hosting a student intern or volunteer at your nonprofit? Visit our Nonprofit Partner FAQ page.


Posting Internship and Job Opportunities through NC State University’s Career Center

We highly recommend that employers utilize the University’s Career Center website: career center offers ePACK, a searchable system. This information is updated regularly and has a large, organized listing of business, government, and nonprofit job postings seeking interns, employees, hip opportunities, and volunteers.

For more information contact:
University Career Center
2100 Pullen Hall, Box 7303
Raleigh, NC 27695
919.515.4210 (fax)