ACCES is a transformational learning experience. This program is for Habitat for Humanity executives with design input and support from Habitat for Humanity International.

Now accepting applications for ACCES 2015-2016.
Please click here for the application.

What Participants Can Expect

  • A new perspective on the challenges facing your affiliate and community
  • Results-focused coaching that expands your confidence and strengths
  • Usable knowledge, tools, and feedback to help you achieve immediate impact
  • Experiences and ideas to cultivate your strategic and critical thinking
  • A co-learning environment that gives you insights and inspiration
  • The opportunity to holistically focus on enhancing your and others’ capacity

All faculty are experts in their fields and have experience working with nonprofit professionals in online and classroom environments. They will encourage you to identify your unique needs and use the resources available through the ACCES program to address them. ACCES is carefully crafted to optimize learning and maximize the exchange of ideas.

On-campus Location

North Carolina State University offers a wealth of resources in a beautiful setting. Participants will enjoy state-of-the-art meeting facilities in the university’s research park.

About the Institute for Nonprofits

Through research, education and engagement, the Institute for Nonprofits connects North Carolina State University with the nonprofit community and leverages the expertise and dedication of faculty, students, staff and community partners to build nonprofit capacity and develop nonprofit leaders. The Institute serves as a center of expertise, a generator of knowledge, and a host of a collaborative and diverse community of scholars and practitioners.

ACCES in the News

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For More Information

Please direct questions to Christine Howell, Academic and Engagement Programs Manager,, 919-515-0596.


ACCES 2013-2014

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ACCES 2011-2012

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