Debunked: Median salary for a Nonprofit CEO in the Triangle area is $70,500. Some nonprofits offer better wages than their counterparts in the for-profit sector. (Source: NC Center for Nonprofits )

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Many believe leaders and other staff members of charitable nonprofit organizations work for free or little pay. But to attract the qualified and often specialized skills required of a leader or other staff members means that nonprofits must offer a “competitive level of compensation as dictated by the marketplace” ( –

Statistics vary on the average salaries to be expected of nonprofit workers, especially leaders., a website that offers a “Free Salary Report based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience”, states that current Nonprofit CEO salaries fall between $63,028 – $135,624 around the nation. (Source:

Salaries will vary based upon the size, scope, and mission of the nonprofit organization. For example, CharityNavigator determined that the median salary for top leaders of some mid- to large-sized U.S. based charities (with expenses exceeding $3.5 million annually) was around $147,273 (

Salaries may also depend on the geographical location of the nonprofit organization. Leaders in nonprofits in the North East or Mid-Atlantic Regions of the U.S. can expect higher median salaries, for example, than leaders in the Mountain West, South, or South West regions of the nation. (

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