Community of Nonprofit Scholars (CONS)

The Community of Nonprofit Scholars (CONS) serves as a bridge between NC State University, nonprofit leaders, and nonprofit agencies. CONS has more than 460 members from North Carolina State University and beyond. Members of CONS meet to network, learn, and discuss issues relevant to the nonprofit sector. Through CONS meetings, participants have identified partners for collaborative projects and explored innovative ideas relevant to nonprofit organizations.

CONS is designed to help nonprofits leaders to think about their organizations in new and productive ways, and to apply the latest research in policy and best practices to their own work. Members are invited to free forums, workshops, lectures, and meetings on topics related to the nonprofit sector.

Membership is free. If you would like to join CONS or receive additional information, please email us at

Thank you to A.J. Fletcher Foundation for their financial support for our 2013-2014 academic year programming.



CARE USA Gives a Talk on International NGOs

Watch the recorded talk by CARE USA’s COO, Jon Mitchell, and VP of International Programs & Operations, Abby Maxman, entitled “Transforming the role of international NGOs in the Context of a Changing World.”  The talk was originally given at the NC State University Club on February 5th.

CARE USA, an international nonprofit, faces the challenge of aligning its business practices to meet the needs of donors as it seeks to empower recipients. Join the Institute for Nonprofits at NC State for a public talk on the transforming role of international NGOs. The speakers discuss the history of their organization and how it has evolved to address humanitarian needs and combat global poverty.

Or click here for the video: You may also view the captioned video via iTunes here.


WWF Engages with CONS

Watch this video of Marcia Marsh’s Community of Nonprofit Scholars’ presentation, “Moving the Center of Gravity: The Challenges of Distributing Leadership in an International Organization” at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on November 6. Click here to view the captioned video via iTunes.