Achieving Collaborative Capacity for Executive Success (ACCES) is a transformational learning experience for social sector leaders. 

ACCES-Habitat for Humanity

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Achieving Collaborative Capacity for Executive Success (ACCES) is a transformational learning experience for social sector leaders.

ACCES experiences can be customized to blend the benefits of on-site face-to-face learning with the convenience of on-line learning, and can be crafted to move individuals or whole organizations to achieving better results. Embracing the challenge of adaptive leadership and innovation, this experience explores capacity building across the domains of personal, organizational, and community.

Today as leaders, organizations and communities are challenged by the need to be adaptive and innovative to solve the grand challenges of our time. ACCES prepares leaders to face these challenges, to be adaptive leaders who guide adaptive solutions for our complex societal challenges. Application of program learning to real-time challenges is accomplished through personal and group coaching.

ACCES is offered on demand in a variety of closed formats:

  • ACCES can be delivered to large nonprofits and their affiliate executives
  • ACCES can be delivered to organizations that wish to send their top leadership teams through as an entire cohort
  • ACCES can be delivered to a variety of organizations who are working together to achieve impact on a particular social issue or within in particular community.

What Participants Can Expect

  • A new perspective on the challenges facing your organization and community
  • Results-focused coaching that expands your confidence and strengths
  • Usable knowledge, tools, and feedback to help you achieve immediate impact
  • Experiences and ideas to cultivate your strategic and critical thinking
  • A co-learning environment that gives you insights, inspiration and support for sustainable change
  • The opportunity to holistically focus on enhancing your and others' capacity for good leadership.

The ACCES Program is carefully crafted to optimize learning and maximize the exchange of ideas. For more information about how ACCES can help you and your nonprofit be more effective, efficient, and sustainable, contact us at acces_habitat@ncsu.edu.