Community of Nonprofit Scholars

A forum for connecting university researchers with nonprofit leaders.

About CONS

Individuals who chose to become members of the Community of Nonprofit Scholars (CONS) have the opportunity to meet with others in the field to discuss and learn about issues relevant to the nonprofit sector. These programs are designed to encourage members of the nonprofit community to think about their organization and their research in new, productive ways. Members of CONS have access to a variety of learning opportunities, including forums, seminars, workshops, and discussions.

Topics discussed during CONS events challenge participants to think deeply about the relationship between theory and practice, and are focused on at least one of the five leadership challenges:

  1. Aligning missions with methods and resources
  2. Earning public trust as an organization
  3. Balancing individual interest with the common good
  4. Capitalizing on opportunities associate with diversity
  5. Moving beyond charity to systemic change

Membership is free. To join or receive more information please email institutefornonprofits@ncsu.edu.