The Institute generates and promotes accessible knowledge. Our work is grounded in data and produces evidence to support our impacts. We enable students and faculty from across NC State to develop and share their research on the nonprofit sector.

Changing Philanthropy

Our research focuses on how philanthropy is changing over time and place, focusing on differences among longtime residents of North Carolina and those who have relocated to the state. Our findings have implications for those seeking philanthropic dollars and volunteers for nonprofit organizations as well as policymakers looking at how to encourage strong communities.

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NC Nonprofit Scholars

North Carolina Nonprofit Scholars convenes nonprofit researchers from across the state to share research interests and identify topics for collaborative efforts. These convenings have led identifying some Big Questions of Nonprofit Studies and research on Parent Teacher Groups across North Carolina.


Publications from our research:

Christensen, R. K., Clerkin, R. M., Paarlberg, L. E., & Nesbit, B. (forthcoming). Are Parent Teacher Groups Leading?  An Exploratory Study Assessing Nonprofits' Financial Support of Public Schools. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Paarlberg, L. E., Nesbit, B., Clerkin, R. M., & Christensen, R. K., (2014). Leading, Following or Complementing in Economic Crisis: A Conceptual Model Illustrating Nonprofit Relationships with Public Schools. Administrative Sciences 4(2), 120-136.

Faculty Affiliate Program

The Institute is developing a Faculty Affiliate program to support generation and dissemination of nonprofit research of faculty from across not only  NC State but all of North Carolina.