Changing Philanthopy

About Us

The Changing Philanthropy Initiative is a research team comprised of individuals from various universities. We are currently identifying ways to strengthen pathways to community engagement and factors that explain the transfer of newcomer’s philanthropy to local nonprofits.  The Changing Philanthropy Initiative team focuses their research on how philanthropy is changing over time and place with particular attention to philanthropy in relation to retirement, military service, schools, workplaces, and immigration.

Our team gathers for formal planning meetings and discussions on how to improve nonprofit research and community building in our region. One such meeting produced an outline of Big Questions For Nonprofit Studies to guide future nonprofit research.

Publications from our research:​

Dula, L., Paarlberg, L. E., Tschirhart, M., Christensen, R. K., Clerkin, R. M., Nesbit, B., & (forthcoming). Older Adult Secular Volunteering: Volunteer Engagement Pathways for Newcomers and Longer Term Residents in an American Community. Voluntary Sector Review.

Nesbit, B., Christensen, R. K., Tschirhart, M., Clerkin, R. M., & Paarlberg, L. E. (2013). Philanthropic Mobility and the Influence of Duration of Donor Residency on Donation Choices. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, DOI: 10.1007/s11266-013-9433-y.

Clerkin, R. M., Paarlberg, L. E., Christensen, R. K., Nesbit, B., & Tschirhart, M (2013). Place, Time, and Philanthropy: Exploring Geographic Mobility and Philanthropic Engagement. Public Administration Review, 73 (1), 97-106.​


Rob Christensen

Richard Clerkin

Rebecca Nesbit

Laurie Paarlberg

Mary Tschirhart